This week’s #MusicMonday is the new single from Love is Louder supporter Utkarsh Ambudkar. The lyrics reflect back on first seeing actor Dante Basco play Rufio in Hook. Basco joins Utkarsh on the track. We caught up with him to ask a few questions about the single.


Talk a little about how important it is for people to see characters like themselves in TV, film and music? 
Representation is extremely powerful. The more we see people that represent us across all platforms, the more possible it is to achieve our dreams. Seeing ourselves-or at least people we can relate to-gives us hope that we can do it too. 


If you had any advice for young Utkarsh around the time he first watched Hook, what would it be?
Keep going. Keep creating. Keep supporting like-minded artists both within your community and outside of it. One day you’re going to meet the guy who played Rufio. His name is Dante Basco. He will have spent his entire career championing the Asian-American experience. He will understand the importance that his character had on the cultural landscape. He won’t own it. He won’t aggrandize it. He will simply understand the role’s importance and the responsibility he has as a result of playing the role.  You’ll cold-call him one night and pitch him your idea for a track and he will say yes. And the character who inspired you as a child will become both a friend and a collaborator. And you’ll get to be a part of the story he started 20 years ago. Also…brush your teeth. Root Canals are awful.


What part of the music video is most poignant or important to you?
Dante Basco’s verse. Seeing him write and record and to hear the story of Rufio as told through the voice of the man who played him is a trip! And his message is strong-we are not an afterthought. we are the king of the lost boys. we sit on a throne. We are powerful. We are exceptional. We are Rufio. 




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