You aren’t alone,

and there are ways to feel better.

Every day we do things to take care of our physical health like eating right, exercising or taking vitamins. Emotional health is just as important and there are actions we can take to improve it. We don’t have to wait until things get bad or to think about how we can improve our mind and our moods.

There’s a lot going on right now in our world with political tensions running high and a seemingly endless stream of news stories that can be scary, overwhelming or confusing. It’s not unusual to feel stressed, sad or anxious. Below are some simple suggestions and resources to incorporate mindfulness techniques into our daily lives to help us manage stress, feel more connected and strengthen our emotional health.

Sometimes, these simple actions aren’t enough. In the same way we reach out to a doctor if we are concerned about our physical health, we have to speak up if we are struggling emotionally or we’re worried about a friend. Mental health professionals can help us find perspective around how we are feeling, point us toward solutions to feeling better, and treat conditions like depression and anxiety disorders. Where do you start? In the US, you can text HOME to 741741 for a confidential chat with a trained counselor anytime. You can also call 1-800-273-TALK (8255) 24/7 to get support for yourself or for a friend. You can find more resources and a link for international hotline numbers at the bottom of this page.


Spotify’s Amplify Emotional Health hub gives you access to playlists, podcasts and artist interviews that will help you destress, cope with difficult days, get inspired and learn more about things we can do to feel better. So pop on your headphones and start listening, meditation and unwinding. Check it out. 


The Jed Foundation and MTV’s Half of Us campaign recently launched a series of videos and resources to help us take control of situations that might make us feel overwhelmed, stressed, anxious or alone. Check out some of the videos below and head to the Press Pause hub for quick tips to incorporate breathing exercises, gratitude and meditation into your daily life.